Monday, February 23, 2009

Time For McDonald's To Hear From You

Once again we're reminded of how foolish corporations can be in dealing with the well-being of their employees. From my perspective, McDonald's is making a tremendous error in maintaining its position that it isn't liable for payment of medical expenses incurred by an employee, Nigel Haskett, who was shot by a customer following an altercation between the shooter and another customer during which Haskett intervened in the altercation.

Watch the video news report below and if you agree that McDonald's should change its position, contact the corporate offices.

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Indie Green said...

This man is a hero. Has McDonald's thought about the possibility of the consequences of NOT having intervened? The victim could have sued for negligence and/or damages. This gentleman did the right thing.
McDonald's, like other corporatations who will remain unnamed, needs to be more employee considerate and realize that w/o employees, they have nothing.